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Are you Ready? Always READY!  Alliance Joni & Jeff Marine High School Opening Fall 2016! Currently enrolling 9th graders for the 2016-2017 school year!
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Principal's Message

Congratulations and welcome to Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 21 (ACRMA 21), Alliance’s first school in the San Fernando Valley! We are honored to have you as a part of our inaugural class at ACRMA 21.

As the first Alliance school in the San Fernando Valley going into our first year of operation, we all have the unique opportunity to truly build our new and innovative school from the ground up. Literally, we will spend the next two years designing, constructing, and furnishing our newest 21st century learning complex. Metaphorically, it’s fitting that our school number is “21” because we will be intensely focused on developing our students’ 21st century learning skills through our college and career preparatory curriculum and next generation instructional model.  

As I consistently talk about with all of our stakeholders, we want to make sure that all staff, students, and parents are “Always READY.” Being Always READY means always being:
·       Respectful

·       Engaged

·       Accountable

·       Determined

·       Your Personal Best

This will be our slogan and our call to action of our students, parents, and staff. In order to make sure that our students are READY for the 21st century, we want all stakeholders to always be respectful of one another, fully engaged in all activities, accountable for our actions, determined to be successful, and consistently helping one another to become our personal best. 

This website is designed to help keep families informed regarding school operations, expectations for daily student life, and the academic program so we are all READY for the new school year. You will also find helpful information so that you can make the most of everything that our school has to offer all of our stakeholders. It also outlines the expected academic and behavioral norms for our students, so we are all aware how to best prepare our students to be college, career, and real-world READY. 
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